The Alien Cloning Agenda Revealed

All advanced technological civilizations face similar challenges.

Whether you’re a leader of a multi-planetary empire in the centre of the Milky Way, or of a lonely planet on one of its spirals, you must keep your population in line somehow. Your workforce must be organized and productive. This is especially true when you have a neighboring species, in a near-by solar system, competing against you.

What’s a leader to do?

One strategy is to clone your workforce. By fine-tuning their genetic code, you’re able to control their behavior, their personality, their abilities — everything. Very convenient. Imagine the possibilities.

Those Pesky Greys

“Many of the beings that are being encountered in the world are bred by collectives to be servants. Their genetic heritage has long been lost to them. They are bred to serve, as you breed animals to serve you.” — The Allies of Humanity, Book One, Sixth Briefing: Questions & Answers

The majority of alien abductees report seeing small grey aliens with large almond-shaped eyes.

A real picture of a "Grey" alien?
A real picture of a “Grey” alien?

These beings behave in a highly efficient, almost robotic fashion. They are biological lifeforms, however. According to the most accurate account of the alien intervention into our world, Greys are a cloned worker class. They look nothing like their rulers.

It makes sense. Think about it: if you were going to send a bunch of workers across the galaxy to perform some mission, at great expense, you’d need to be completely certain you could control them. You couldn’t just send another spaceship after them if they deviated from their objectives. Fine-tuning their DNA to ensure obedience, efficiency, and loyalty is one way to go about it.

Alien-Human Hybrids Walk Among Us

Have you ever wondered why so many abductees have invasive medical procedures performed on their reproductive systems?

Have you ever asked yourself why children are more likely to be abducted if one of their parents also were? Sometimes, many generations of a single family will be violated in this fashion. What gives?

Greys have been working on creating a human-alien hybrid for decades. The medical procedures and generational follow-ups are part of this plan.

According to the Allies of Humanity material, Earth’s biological diversity is a major challenge for aliens that come here. Even with their advanced technology, they are not immune to the viruses and bacteria on this planet. They simply have no natural adaption to them. What might make you cough for a few days would be a deadly parasite for aliens.

Their solution is to create a hybrid. This being would have all the natural adaptation that humans have to this planet, and even look like us, in addition to being completely loyal to their masters. On top of that, their biological code gives them extremely potent psychic abilities.

The Greys have been successful. These hybrids already walk among us. They whisper in the ears of political and business leaders throughout the world.

“You have to speak out against their attempt to interbreed with humanity, to create a new leadership here.” — The Allies of Humanity, Book 2, 4th Briefing: The Collectives

Humanity’s Critical Choice

Our scientific understanding and technological capacity are growing rapidly. Ideas once only found in sci-fi are quickly becoming a part of our everyday reality. While humanity is just beginning to discover the secrets of manipulating DNA, we will eventually master the art. It may happen sooner than you think.

Will our leaders decide to clone a “human” workforce to suit their needs? We hope not. This would lead to a devastating loss of freedom for the average human, those of us that are not part of the leadership class.

An alternative solution would be to cultivate a heightened spiritual awareness on this planet.

Rather than being biologically forced to work and obey, humans would willingly apply themselves to working for the benefit of their race because it’s the right thing to do.

In addition, we would continue to enjoy the fruits of freedom: inspired ideas and inventions that are best grown from the soils of a free society. We may even surpass the technological sophistication of those un-free worlds that rely a cloned workforce. Such is the power of freedom.

We have a choice. May we choose wisely.

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2 thoughts on “The Alien Cloning Agenda Revealed

  • June 14, 2017 at 6:07 pm

    Interesting, your observation, ” if you were going to send a bunch of workers across the galaxy to perform some mission…” as it calls to mind George Green’s work, the New Paradigm teaching about the use of genetics in the history of Earth and in patterns of development among races. The precís written here is a little too irreverent of his work to be quite accurate (a sample of his work is on the discussion page, found on the toggle tab, as well as in a link provided):

    • June 17, 2017 at 5:16 am

      Mary S, Interesting that “The Handbook for the New Paradigm” should come up. That book and it’s 2 sister books, “Embracing the Rainbow” and “Becoming” were the only other sources aside from the “Allies of Humanity” that laid out the fact that the ET presence, government collusion, religious manipulation and game playing in the mental realms, is all about resources.

      They (The Handbooks) said, “How can you know we are telling you the truth? Who else is telling you these things?” Until “The Allies” came along, no one was.

      They both say we’ve got to “Become” something that we have never been….. responsible, united with our long ignored inner compass, to become what I call “Humanitty 2.0” and what the Allies of Humanity call “joined with our deeper mind of “Knowledge”.

      I’ve been meeting with 2 “Paradigm groups” weekly for 15 years. While the experience and the community has been extraordinary, the vagueness about EXACTLY how to “Become” this new
      Hu-Man upgrade in consciousness has left our meetings a bit scrambled, somewhat confused and divided.

      I’m really fulfilled that the Allies of Humanity and surrounding texts were so much clearer, applicable and ultimately led me to “The Steps to Knowledge, the Book of Inner Knowing. This has been rubber on the road high traction evolution for me and therefore the world with me… a bit at a time.

      The Handbook said that all of our ancient ET involvements are so many, so varied, so complex and incomprehensible that we could fill buildings with volumes of details and not further our advancement one iota by the lifetimes that it would take to unravel the mess.

      TODAY and today’s agendas is what we need understand and the Allies so eloquently give the context in the necessary detail to respond, without getting us lost in meaningless or non necessary details that would be a waste of valuable time and energy. I love our Allies and I love what the Steps to Knowledge are doing with my life.

      I hope and work in the world and as an active awakened Ground Crew servant to the ends that the necessary quotient of humanity will do the upgrade to Humanity 2.0 in time. The winning is not guaranteed.


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