The “Unacknowledged” Alien Intervention

It is ironic that Dr. Steven Greer’s movie, Unacknowledged, doesn’t acknowledge the true realities of extraterrestrial contact and the constant violations of Human beings, our planet, and our Airspace. Nor does it acknowledge the secretive, deceptive and manipulative manner in which these foreign powers have been engaging with humanity.

Why is there no acknowledgement of the well researched and discussed links between the so-called cabal/illuminati/elite and extraterrestrials? Well, that is because of an imposed New World order that would suit them and is part of the Alien Agenda.

Denial of the Alien Abduction phenomenon? Greer is denying overwhelming evidence and testimony of Alien Abductions, to push yet another false narrative of solely human military operations performing these acts.

The military is also pushing the whole false Alien invasion, as a means to dis-empower the exposure of the current Alien Intervention, and make us think that because these Aliens haven’t attacked us that they must be good. When the reality is that things are more advanced and complicated out there.

The real risk is from covert alien infiltration, with humanity becoming dependent on extraterrestrial technologies to function, the loss of faith in human leadership and the inherent goodness of humanity, all leading to voluntary acquiescence of Human Sovereignty.

Those who will come here and are here already cannot live in the biologically complex world that you inhabit and to which you are adapted. They need human assistance. They need human allegiance. They need human participation in order to gain sovereignty and control here. They will take advantage of your expectations, your desires, your fantasies and your grievances to establish this position for themselves. – Entering the Greater Community

What really makes this movie unique is what is unacknowledged. And that is the truth.

Encouraging people to engage telepathically with ET beings without acknowledging that they can manipulate your thoughts and emotions seems particularly foolish. You really have to question whether Greer is simply seeing what he wants to see, or his agenda is far more nefarious. For me, it’s a toss up between Greer innocently coming under Alien influence on his journey to get disclosure, or whether his involvement in the Alien Intervention was there at the beginning.

Then there is the whole free energy deception and blind belief in the benefits of Alien Technology. This is another form of manipulation and pacification. And the pushing of a false narrative that relates advanced technology with advanced spirituality, when in fact the opposite is true, which is clearly indicated in our own evolution.

Unacknowledged, pffffttt…..

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  • Investigate the Briefings from The Allies of Humanity The very merit of their argument has a clarity worth heeding.
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