Seekers, Seers and Shielding the Mind from E.T. Intervention

To investigators seeking to know the truth about alien races here on Earth at this time: the need for caution cannot be overemphasized.

“You cannot yet compete in the Greater Community [of worlds] primarily because you do not understand the mental environment. It is not your technology that is limiting you. Those who are capable in the mental environment can cast a great deal of influence upon a more technically advanced race because minds persuade other minds, minds influence other minds and minds can dominate other minds. Therefore, it is not your technology that is the limiting factor here. It is your lack of understanding of the mental environment.” — Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume Two, Chapter 14: Intelligence

Caution, but not to the point of dereliction. Based on the evidence of the presence on Earth of alien races like the tall Nordics, the Greys, the Reptilians, how do you discern among the CGI hoaxes & sensationalism to anything resembling actual evidence of Aliens? How, indeed. If this question is something that just won’t go away, an honest search will find reliable resources. And along the way perhaps these three stages of awareness:

  1. Curiosity: anything from morbid fascination to complete openness. Marked by a recognition that the subject of encounters with alien races has always been of interest to you.
  2. Shock of awareness: the sinking feeling once you realize the danger, and how vulnerable humanity is.
  3. Clarity: after looking and looking at the evidence, you realize the only way to KNOW what is real is to develop your own discernment.

By searching and searching through videos, photos and stories of encounters with our Pleiadian “older brothers and sisters here to enlighten us,” Reptilian shape-shifters regarding us as chattel, and furtive Greys lurking through the landscape, you begin do develop your own discernment by finding out who your trustworthy allies really are.

A friend sent this report. Some things can only be known and “not realized through deduction or any kind of rational process.” Your own response will tell you if this is something that calls you to be alert; your response can fool you by shutting down too fast or bypassing the shock of awareness in other ways:

A very good friend of mine, a very sincere and honest person, involved in what you would call psychic work visited New Mexico and came back with the following accounting of an experience there. I will quote him as accurately as I can to provide this warning.

While in New Mexico through a strange turn of events I found myself privileged to visit a basement facility of one of the alphabet-agency white-hat psychic research and operations centers. I was sitting at a table with several of the officers and they brought into the room an elderly man. He had a very healthy and vibrant appearance for his age.  He said to me, “Sit and watch and I will show you something about belief.”

He proceeded to tape newspapers to a metal door leading into the adjacent room, completely covering the door. He later explained that the paper was necessary for his own sense of belief, but that children who had been trained in this exercise did not need to use the newspaper. After completely covering of the door, he proceeded to walk through the door, without opening it.

He then opened the door and walked back into our room.

Being convinced that these people had some answers, I asked them what they could tell me about the reptilians. The answer was: “We don’t allow ourselves to think about them. They are extremely psychic. A focus on them draws them to you, which can be very dangerous.”

Learn More:

  • Watch this interview  with Marshall Vian Summers. Argue if you must, but do not dismiss his claims without certain proof. 
  • Investigate the Briefings from The Allies of Humanity The very merit of their argument has a clarity worth heeding.
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