The Legacy of Karla Turner

If you have had direct encounter it means you have been influenced and discouraged from recalling your experiences and understanding them clearly and honestly. You have been compromised if this has occurred. You have been violated. Your mind has been breached. An attempt has been made to alter your understanding and awareness.” — The New Message on alien contact

A series of direct encounters begin to surface

Into the FringeScholar and author Karla Turner documented her process of awakening to the reality of alien abduction in her first book, Into the Fringe: A True Story of Alien Abduction. It is a testimony to the strength of a trained mind that she could come to terms with this reality; honesty and rigor have teamed up to produce a gripping narrative that lays out the evidence — sightings, visitations, missing time, scars on the body and other unexplained events — engagingly and sincerely. Through her academic training she had learned to investigate and so taught herself to “not become emotional…. not become loving; … not become fearful. Be neutral.” (from Protecting Yourself from the Intervention–see below, When you really must know)

Who will speak out against the Intervention?

Taken 2013After she told her story of alien encounters in Into the Fringe, many other experiencers reached out to her to tell their stories, long suppressed because not believed.  Dr. Turner compiled eight of their stories into her second work: Taken: Inside the Alien-Human Abduction Agenda, long out of print but recently reissued under the supervision of her husband Elton Turner, with a new foreword by Nick Pope.

“Those who have been influenced by the Intervention, to whatever degree this influence has been placed upon them or focused on them, are in the best position to warn and alert other people about the dangers and consequences of this Intervention into the world.” — The New Message on alien contact

The patterns become evident — “intermittent UFO sightings, missing-time episodes, conscious encounters, and virtual-reality scenarios” — as well as patterns behind the patterns,  the control over the abductees most unsettling.

It takes a special kind of mind to have the courage to seek to know the truth when the truth is horrendous. The witness of experiencers today is hushed by mainstream denial and ridicule. It is every person’s responsibility to consider the reality of alien abduction and further extraterrestrial intervention on Earth and to speak against these forces that regard us as chattel.

Karla Turner was a strong voice whose death at age 48 was a great loss not just to the UFO community but to all humans ever hoping to live on Earth. The loss of her clear vision and strong calling is so sorely felt that not just a few suspect that she was taken out because seen as a type of whistleblower.

Masquerade of AngelsBefore she died, Dr. Turner completed her third work,  Masquerade of Angels, in collaboration with Ted Rice, an experiencer and psychic who found hypnotic regression helpful in recovering his memories. The threats made against her life and the threats received by others, including the therapist who helped Ted Rice, are discussed here. The situation is as serious as it is made out to be; great discernment and discretion are needed, as experiencers well know, yet education and awareness are also needed.

Her public discourse is an additional part of Turner’s legacy, easily found by searching online (this lecture, for instance).


Do not believe that the taking of human beings by extraterrestrial forces holds any benefit for humanity. Understand that these abductions are only for the purpose of breeding a hybrid being capable of influencing governments and commerce and religious institutions, and to also create a network of supporters for the Intervention itself. This is a gross violation of your rights and well-being and a tremendous threat to the future of humanity. —  Guidelines for Preparing for the Greater Community

When you really must know

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