Reality Must Override Ridicule

The veil of secrecy must be pulled aside. The veil of ridicule must be pulled aside. This must happen at the level of the citizens, for it cannot happen alone at the level of governments or leaders.

Preparing for the Greater Community

A personal account, as posted by UFO researcher Cheryl Costa in the Facebook UFO Disclosure Group:

Early in the summer of 2019, I was at a writer’s workshop event in the wilds of western New York State. I was part of a non-fiction mentoring track. The work I was having evaluated were selected pieces from a memoir I had been writing. The evaluations were all fair and on the mark for the memoir essays I submitted for evaluation. I was very appreciative of the critiques I received.

During the last couple of hours of the event, the 25-30 attendees were asked by the facilitators to pass a talking stick around and each of us share the topics each of us had already published if any. As the talking stick went around the room, each author shared the genre of the book or books they had published. Each person’s declaration was greeted with smiles and sometimes light applause from other authors of similar genres or those who were familiar with the work.

When I received the talking stick, I explained that I had published a collection of one-act plays and had been a contributing author to three volumes of a popular upstate mystery compilation. Finally, I mentioned that I had published a book about the statistics of UFO sightings. The room broke into boisterous laughter. Almost everyone in the room thought the notion of writing a book about UFOs was somehow silly and laughable. One of the facilitators could see my pain. Then he asked me to tell the group of writers how many copies had been sold. So, I shared the name of the book and the sizable number of books that had been sold to that date. The gathering of authors quickly became soberly quiet at that point. None of my peer writers had sales of their books that equaled mine.

After the group had broken up into an after-event socializing, I was inundated with juvenile remarks about alien probing, the silliness of the UFO topic matter, and challenged with numerous rude questions about my sanity or sobriety.

Someone would say something to me and then someone else would have to make their comment too. I think the crassest of all were the sharp jabs and sarcastic questions asked about the topic of alien abductions. It seemed as if the people were feeding off each other. I thought to myself, was this a Mob mentality I was witnessing?

At the end of the day’s events, one of the facilitators expressed his regrets to me about the way I was treated. I did my best to be gracious. Then I packed up and started my several hour drive home.

While driving home, it dawned on me that over 50% of the after-event questions regarded alien abductions and experiencers. That is when I realized that bringing up the UFO topic somehow touched a lot of people’s tender buttons. It’s a common enough trigger reaction.

I have attended UFO conferences with experiencer seminars and talks. At these events it’s been suggested that people who have suppressed experiencer or abduction events buried in their subconscious often act out when a related topic is mentioned. Several notable UFO researchers have told me that in their opinion the actual number of experiencers walking around in the world is probably huge.

One of the investigators further suggested that if a significantly large number of experiencers were to come out of the “closet” all at once, their personal truths would blow the lid off of the UFO topic matter.

You have a great responsibility now to respond to the changing conditions of the world and to humanity’s emergence into a Greater Community of life. You have a responsibility to learn of the Greater Community and to prepare for the Greater Community, and to become a person of the world and not merely a person of a small group, a tribe or a nation. For the whole world is being imperiled by the Intervention.

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One thought on “Reality Must Override Ridicule

  • March 8, 2021 at 9:34 pm

    Well done Mary! This is an experience that makes sense and resonates with me though it hasn’t occurred to me until now that this would be true. Many can’t allow themselves to remember the experience and so must denigrate those who share their experience. It must cause them great discomfort but this info must see the light of day so that all of us can know why this Alien Intervention is in our world. Thank you.


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