The Intervention Would Silence Us

We give greetings from far away now. In our first two sets of communications to you, we were able to be in the proximity of your world in a hidden location in your solar system. But now we have been forced to flee, since our revelations have become public. The Intervention that is occurring in your world by those extraterrestrial races who would seek to take advantage of a weak and divided humanity have searched for us, seeking to find us and to destroy us so that we may not report on their activities in the world and thus reveal their hidden plans and motivations. (The Allies of Humanity Book Three, First Briefing: The Reality of Contact)

What is the mission of the Allies of Humanity?
To warn about

–What is occurring
–How extensive, how serious
–What it will mean for humanity
–How it is related to

Our spiritual development
Our future in the world
And in the Greater Community of worlds
By whose authority, through what agency?

Their own experience in the Greater Community
The counsel of the Harim
Whom or What for? To what end?
For whom or why

Earth as the prize
Social development in the Greater Community of Worlds
Our world in the Greater Community of Worlds
What do the visitors want?
How are the visitors getting what they want?
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