Who Are Humanity’s Allies?

The Mandate

We come then not only with our own experience, but with a deeper awareness and a deeper sense of purpose that has been given to us by the Unseen Ones.

  • We observe your world from a location nearby, and
  • We monitor the communications of those who are visiting you. We know who they are.
  • We know where they come from and why they are here.
  • We do not compete with them, for we are not here to exploit the world.

We consider ourselves to be the Allies of Humanity, and we hope in time that you will consider us to be such, for such we are. And though we cannot prove this, we hope to demonstrate this through our words and through the wisdom of our counsel. We hope to prepare you for what lies ahead. We come in our mission with a sense of urgency, for humanity is way behind in its preparation for the Greater Community. Many earlier attempts decades ago to make contact with human beings and to prepare human beings for their future proved to be unsuccessful. Only a few people could be reached, and as we have been told, many of these contacts were misconstrued and were used by others for different purposes. (The Allies of Humanity Book One, Second Briefing: The Challenge to Human Freedom)

The Allies of Humanity, Book Four, Sixth Briefing: The Networks of the Wise
  • We say these things to you so that you may understand more completely who we are and why we are here and what we serve. We hope this will dispel any notion that we are here representing political powers or economic powers or any power associated with the Intervention. We are not here to represent other governments, other worlds.

  • We are not mere servants. We are emissaries of this Greater Authority. But our mission here is very specific, as we have stated in our Briefings. We understand the limits of these responsibilities, which in and of themselves are great enough to challenge us continuously.

  • We are being held as a vital resource for the human family—to be called upon when needed, to bear witness to life in the universe as we know it and have experienced it, and the greater truths that we have had to learn and that our races have had to learn—things that the human family cannot see or know without this testimony.

Humanity’s true Allies, then, are the Wise in all worlds and the few who are Wise in your world who will foster the power of Knowledge. But your greatest ally is the Unseen Ones, the Higher Powers, what you would think of as the Angelic, who are now bringing a New Revelation from the Divine into the world to prepare humanity for the Greater Community, to provide the foundation for true unity and greater freedom in your world.

Therefore, we ask that you think of us in this greater way even though it may be hard to understand or to conceive of.

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