Today and Tomorrow and the Day After

All quotes from The Allies of Humanity Book One, Second Briefing: The Challenge to Human Freedom)

Today and tomorrow and the day after, great activity is underway and will be underway to establish a network of influence over the human race by those who are visiting the world for their own purposes. They feel that they are coming here to save the world from humanity. Some even believe they are here to save humanity from itself. They feel that they are in the right and do not consider that their actions are inappropriate or unethical. According to their ethics, they are doing what is considered to be reasonable and important. However, for all freedom-loving beings, such an approach cannot be justified.

We observe the visitors’ activities, which are growing. Every year, there are more of them here. They are coming from afar. They are bringing supplies. They are deepening their engagement and involvement. They are establishing stations of communication in many places in your solar system. They are observing all of your initial forays into space, and they will counter and destroy anything that they feel will interfere with their activities. They are seeking to establish control not only of your world but of the area around your world. This is because there are competing forces here. Each represents the alliance of several races. We monitor the communications of those who are visiting you.

We know who they are.

We know where they come from and why they are here.

We do not compete with them, for we are not here to exploit the world.

Therefore, we have been sent in the place of those who came before us to offer help to humanity. We work together in our united cause. We do not represent a great military power but more a secret and holy alliance.

  • We do not want to see the kind of affairs that exist in the Greater Community perpetrated here within your world.
  • We do not want to see humanity become a client state of a greater network of powers.
  • We do not want to see humanity lose its freedom and its self-determination.

These are real risks. Because of this, we encourage you to consider our words deeply, without fear, if that is possible, and with the kind of conviction and determination that we know resides in all human hearts.

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