To Warn

“To help you come to see, if possible, what we are seeing from our vantage point.”The Allies of Humanity, Book One, Third Briefing: A Great Warning

“Our task is to reveal the real nature of the Intervention that is occurring in the world today, to warn you and to prepare you for the realities of life in the universe, to give you a greater impetus for human unity and cooperation and to show you the great need for the cessation of conflict within your world.”The Allies of Humanity, Book Three, First Briefing: The Reality of Contact

“It is important now that we address the question of how the Intervention is functioning within the context of the three primary requirements that humanity must meet and must utilize in order to become a free race in the universe.”[The Allies of Humanity, Book Three, Third Briefing: The Tools of the Intervention

“It is because humanity has not responded with wisdom appropriately to this Intervention that we, as representatives of the free nations in your vicinity of space, have been sent here to observe this Intervention, to learn of its activities within your world and to reveal to you the nature of these activities, their purpose and indeed the nature of such Interventions as they so frequently occur everywhere in the Greater Community.”The Allies of Humanity, Book Three, First Briefing: The Reality of Contact
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