The Weakness Behind Pride

Pride Covers Up a Susceptibility to Inducement

Pride based on ignorance is corrupt and corruptible. We take pride in human ingenuity and intelligence, yet disdain any notion there might be greater intelligences than our own. Proud, committed, marching ants have their collective backs exposed. The weakness behind pride is ignorance of the greater scope of things.

The weakness that we feel in our position encountering life in the universe is being deployed by subtle means to make us neglect to take measures for our own security. Our foolish pride is a convenient hook to distract us from noticing how vulnerable we are in the Greater Community of worlds beyond Earth.

We came by it naturally, supposing we were alone in the entire universe the sole examples of intelligent life, vastly overestimating of our own intelligence there. There are other entities who are adept in ways we only guess at.

Unrecognized entities are in the world today influencing individuals and peoples to act against their own interest.

The reality of alien intelligence and its physical presence among us must not be underestimated. Yet that is one way to distract, defuse and diminish the impact of this presence and its influence, a use of skills in the mental environment that casts a sense of glamor about the whole subject of alien intelligence, making it ridiculous and unworthy of attention, while our culture is dumbing us down, making us reliant on technology and ignorant of impending costs to environmental security.

What Is Behind the Appeal to Pride

Individuals are being persuaded by demonstrations and displays, ideas put in their heads and places they are taken. Alienating and frightening experiences become the norm through repeated exposure, and the messages being given induce cooperation, by communicating the advantages–the mental upgrade, dazzling technology–of being “selected” as if honored and endowed.

brightness obscures the darkTo appeal to pride is to manipulate. What is being manipulated is the fear, surprisingly, of not being good enough. To feel pride gives temporary relief from the discomfort of being underprepared.

That discomfort burns in the background like hot spots of irritation or a low buzz of noise of things going unrecognized and neglected. To be encouraged to feel all’s right with the world, when all is not right, is to be encouraged not to examine for weakness and instead to ignore smoldering fires and piles of debris needing clearing.

The extraterrestrial presence in the world today has an agenda to interfere with human affairs for the purpose of exploiting us. This is the Extraterrestrial Intervention, the intention to exploit human susceptibilities to recruit our assistance without disclosing that intention.

The Weakness Behind Human Pride

“You are spoiling the very world you live in!” (Living The Way of Knowledge )

Weakness behind prideOur position is weak, regarding the sustainable use of resources to maintain self-sufficiency, a requirement in the universe.

Appealing to a Sense of Importance

The Intervention will manipulate the deeper current felt deep within, mostly unawares, that drives destiny in people. The extraterrestrials on the planet at this time will appeal to this sense of self-importance, inflating a sense of one’s giftedness and calling by making them feel special to have been selected for abduction and entrainment. 

Discerning Friend from Foe in the Universe

“Your foe will speak to your weakness, and your friend will speak to your strength.” (The Allies of Humanity Book ThreeFourth Briefing: Hidden Powers)

Religious Pride Came Before the Fall

Thinking we understand how any of this works upon being given elaborate and detailed “inside” information about the universe, along with the elevated sense of being an advanced being for receiving the information, is the trade-off made by contactees who, previously wrested from their beds in sheer and obvious terror, become witnesses to the goodness of the alien Intervention seeking to use their biological and rhetorical resources

A Mess of Porridge for a Birthright

The fundamental flaw of pride is that it’s an orientation in a strictly mechanistic view of the universe and can only be supported by ignoring or minimizing strength of Knowledge, the inherent connection to spirit, to our ancient origin in God and all that leads home to that absolute unity. 

Further Contemplation

The understanding of pride as a cover-up for a lack of foundational preparation is found in Chapter 32 of Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume Two.

The orientation that can only presume antagonism and not cooperation from the Extraterrestrial Intervention is based on a source exceptional in the clarity of urgent warning.

“I want you to know here that I am giving you only part of the picture. Your understanding must always be incomplete. As soon as it is complete, you have stopped learning. Do not try to be comfortable with a complete cosmology where nothing new can come in. ‘My theories now cover every gap.’ The man or woman of Knowledge does not know what the hell is going on!” –Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume One, Chapter 35: Achieving Peace


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  • April 28, 2018 at 2:10 am

    Ah yes. Our pride, our sense of self-importance are such a weak link for our race. I know they are for me and I can see and feel it in many others. We must step beyond this weakness of seeking compensation for a painful past. This is really compensation for our lost connection with God.

  • May 25, 2018 at 10:26 am

    Dariel, if you compare everything you are experiencing today with events from the past you will never experience anything new. You will actually not be able to be happy until you label the experience somehow as well. Your lost connection is happening all around you right now and your missing out!


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