What Will Matter After We Are Gone

If your future self, at the end of this life or beyond, considered all the things that preoccupy you today, how much would you then say these things really matter?

Stop to consider each of these things, and anything else that keeps you awake at night, and ask from that vantage point–after you are gone–if they really did matter:

  • your political systems
  • your religious beliefs
  • your complex theories
  • your hobbies and activities
  • your employment
  • conflicts among nations
  • your goals
  • your comfort
  • your security
  • your happiness
  • your preferences
  • your ideas
  • your beliefs
  • your religion
  • your philosophy

What really matters

You depend upon the soils of the world. You depend upon the stable climate of the world. You depend upon the food that is grown and the availability of fresh waters—more than anything else. More than your political systems or your religious beliefs; more than your complex theories and all of your hobbies and activities, your employment and the complexity of relations between nations. More than all of this, you are dependent upon these simple and elemental things to live in this world, and not only to live, but to prosper and to have a chance to build civilization—now a new civilization, based upon cooperation and responsibility.

Restoring the World

“Whatever makes you happy” won’t matter

In your review, did you pause a good long time to consider how dearly you cherish your own happiness? How true is this rubric: whatever floats your boat, whatever gets you through the night, is all right?

How many of us follow that way of discerning what we need to know and do, if and only if it feels right or personally rewarding? There are greater callings than our own personal satisfaction at this time in the evolution of the human race.

What will matter to the future of the human race

What is needed now is for you to become strong, stronger than you are, stronger than you have been. Do not welcome communications with those intervening in your world until you have this strength. Do not open your minds and hearts to visitors from beyond the world, for they come here for their own purposes. Do not think that they will fulfill your religious prophesies or greatest ideals, for this is a delusion.

The Allies of Humanity Book One, Fourth Briefing: Manipulation of Religious Traditions and Beliefs

What matters now is a strong foundation: the Four Pillars of Life in balance

Simple practices to reduce your carbon footprint and to become a contributor to the human race more than a mere consumer include:

  • Quiet time each day
  • Holding no opinions not well researched and long evaluated
  • Not complaining if unwilling to follow through with direct action
  • Seeking to understand in order to forgive
  • and more.

Values and beliefs can be used and are being used

Your spirituality must be sound. It must be based upon real experience, for values and beliefs, rituals and traditions can be used and are being used by your visitors for their own purpose.

Here you can begin to see that your visitors are very vulnerable in certain areas. Let us explore this further. Individually, they have very little will and have difficulty dealing with complexities. They do not understand your spiritual nature. And they most certainly do not understand the impulses of Knowledge. The stronger you are with Knowledge, the more inexplicable you become, the harder you are to control and the less useful you become to them and to their program of integration. Individually, the stronger you are with Knowledge, the greater challenge you become to them. The more individuals that become strong with Knowledge, the more difficult it is for the visitors to isolate them.

The Allies of Humanity Book One, Fourth Briefing: Manipulation of Religious Traditions and Beliefs

The next video in this series of Revelation Release Events will cover more deeply this answer to what really matters:

“What really matters in life—what really matters for you.

What are the essential things that you are here to understand,

the people you are here to meet,

the things you are here to do—

the essential things that have brought you into the world with a higher purpose, not merely here to survive and try to make yourself happy and comfortable, compromising yourself along the way, frustrating yourself endlessly.”

The Bridge to a New Life
What Really Matters

At the end, all that will really matter is this question:

Now I want you to think about what the question is. It’s not, “Did you realize what you needed to realize?” It’s not, “Did you purify yourself to the level of which you needed?” It’s not, “Did you attain happiness or contentment or lasting peace?” What they ask you is: “Did you accomplish what you set out to do?” That question holds the meaning of your life.

Marshall Summers, What You Serve and Why You Serve

Listen to this recording of an earlier Broadcast Event presenting the newly published revelation, What Really Matters?

What Really Matters | March 28, 2022
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